Documents for the Lender

Being prepared is the name of the game.  Even if you are not quite ready to buy a home this is the time to get these document in order.  Label a file folder “Lender Documents” and just keep adding to the file as you acquire these documents.  In the front of the file make yourself a checklist and check items off as you add to the folder.  Ready!!  Let’s GO!

The Basic

State ID


Contact Info


Obviously these are not things to add to the folder but these are some of the things the lender will ask you for.

The Documents

Pay Stubs

Last 2 years of W2’s

Last 2 years of Federal Tax Returns

2-3 months worth of recent bank statements for all account types

Your Credit Report

A list of your total months expenses

Assets (stocks, IRA’s, Bonds, Cash)

Debts (Credit Card debt, student loans, car loans, other mortgages)

These are most of the documents the lender will ask you for.  I am not an lender, banker, accountant, mortgage broker, or lawyer.  This article is just based on my experience.  If you have additional questions I can certainly refer you to a lender or if you have any questions on the home buying process please feel free to contact me.

On Another Note

I am a local Realtor.  If you are curious about the market or you want to see what is available please click this link.  It will take you straight to my personal ReMax Results website and allow you to browse. When it ask you to fill out the form I am the only one that sees your information.  It does not go to a ReMax database.  I will be the only one contacting you.



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