10 Things You Will Want To Know About The Home Buying Process

This event is up and coming.  I would like to have a get together with at least 10 of you to let you know 10 things you will want to know about the home buying process.  Things like the difference between getting pre-qualified versus getting pre-approved for a mortgage.  Or maybe you are wondering how long the home buying process is.  Well, I will answer this and so much more during this upcoming event.  I will keep you posted.  Please keep checking back on the website for further details.  There will be a registration page and you will also be able to bring a friend or two if you like.

If you are curious about the market or you want to see what is available please click this link.  It will take you straight to my personal ReMax Results website and allow you to browse. When it ask you to fill out the form I am the only one that sees your information.  It does not go to a ReMax database.  I will be the only one contacting you.