These are just some of the most common questions customers ask.  If your question is not answered below please feel free to comment with your question below.

Why should you hire me as your Realtor?

You should hire me as your Realtor because I understand that I work for you.  My priority is my customer and to build a trustworthy relationship.  My duties to you are accountability, loyalty, obedience, disclosure, confidentiality, and handling your transaction with reasonable skill and care.

When & how do you pay your Realtor?

A Realtor’s commission gets negotiated by the listing agent on the seller’s side when the home is being listed. Commissions are never directly paid to the agent.  These monies get dispersed to the Realtor’s brokerage by the Title Company once the loan funds.  In other words, you are not paying an agent up front for their time and skills. You can read the extended version of this answer here.

What methods will you use to ensure that my home gets sold ?

The most common methods are making sure your home is listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), holding open houses, and traditional marketing.  Being with a powerful world renowned brand like ReMax gives us an advantage because your home can be seen across the nation and throughout the world.  Who says your buyer lives in Tucson now, or in Arizona.  Especially higher end homes, advertising those homes nationwide gets them sold faster.  Your buyer may live in another state and our international brand will help them find us.  As technology changes I take a lot of pride in remaining teachable by learning and adapting new methods to sell your home while implementing more traditional methods that still work.  Also, as I go through my day to day I will always prospect for a potential buyer for your home through casual everyday conversations. I may be speaking to the new owner of your home but won’t know unless I ask. Your home will also be featured on social media business pages and personal social media profiles. I am always working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that my websites come up higher on internet searches.

How will you go about searching for the best home for me?

The most common methods of finding you the right home is through searching the Multiple Listing Service but my goals are to ensure I have a clear understanding of your non-negotiables, your wants and needs, and what you feel is important to your family.  The plan once you are ready is for you to get pre-qualified by a lender so they can determine “how much house you can afford” but more importantly scale that number down to what you want your monthly mortgage to be and expenses pertaining to your property & truly figure out how much to spend on a house.

What should my first step be if I am ready to buy a home?

Please get in touch with me.  I will provide you with a Home Buyer’s Binder courtesy of Title Security Agency.  It is a 3 ring binder full of information about the home buying process, terms you should know, explanations of the different types of loans, what buyers traditionally pay for during a transaction, what a seller traditionally pays for during a transaction, and it also has a SAMPLE Purchase Contract along with explanations of what each line of the Purchase Contract means.  The Purchase Contract is the document that you are signing to make an offer on the home you want to purchase.  Familiarizing yourself with this document would be very beneficial when it comes time for your Realtor to fill out for you and for you to sign it.

Does Co-Signing for a loan negatively affect my home buying process?

YES! Your lender can explain why.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to get in contact with me.