Monkey Burger on Broadway

Monkey Burger

This is the Monkey Burger.  It has bacon, smoked cheddar & Swiss cheese, roasted poblano peppers, sauteed mushrooms, romaine lettuce, caramelized & raw onions, and tomato.  Finishing it is certainly a challenge.  The burger below is called the Sonora and it has diced bacon, Oaxaca cheese, shredded cabbage, and an avocado salsa. They also have burgers up on the board that are not on the menu.  A friend of mine ordered the Chorizo Sunrise which had a sunny side up egg on it.  Don’t worry, there are also Vegan friendly choices like the Black Bean Burger and they have a Turkey Burger as well as a variety of salads.  The menu includes specialty fries and there are other tasty sides to choose from as well as soft drinks, milkshakes, and milkshakes that can be spiked with Hazelnut or Banana Liquer.

The Sonora


Monkey Burger is a locally owned business and you can tell that they take pride in what they do.  Presentation is always amazing and the food is always delicious.  The buns always taste fresh and the meat is always cooked to perfection and cooked to order.  Monkey Burger is located at 5350 E Broadway Blvd Suite 128, in the Williams Center.  The Williams Center is on the corner of Broadway and Craycroft.

On Another Note

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