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Better Together Tucson – Episode 1

Desiree Cook is the Founder & Executive Director of I AM YOU 360 which is a 501c3 non-profit organization with grassroots in Tucson, AZ.

Her passion for the approximately 17,000 children in foster care in Arizona comes from lack of love in her past & low self esteem. She believes these attributes led to poor decision making which made the next few years of her life very difficult.

Desiree bounced back & now plants seeds of hope into our youth at risk.

Roots underneath the foundation for stability. Growing up towards aspirations and wondrous possibilities.

She has collaborated with a few schools in our community that have allowed her to set up hygiene dispensaries. Our youth at risk can receive these hygiene items in what she proudly calls Empowerment Bags & they can refill their bags every 9 weeks. Desiree believes that by giving our children the opportunity to start their day on a leveled playing field as all the other children in school they’ll be able to achieve high levels of performance & in turn offer value to our society as children, teens, & soon to be young adults.

Though the vision started with Empowerment Bags, Desiree has been able to organize workshops & seminars by collaborating with local businesses & other members of our community. This is just a piece of the story. If you want to hear more of Desiree’s story, learn about I AM YOU 360, or help click the I AM YOU 360 link & explore.

As a member of my community I am proud to be on the Board of such a proactive organization. Desiree’s passion is contagious & it’s been an honor watching this idea of hers come to light. The impact this organization has made in the community has been powerful. Just know that I AM YOU 360 is still in its infancy & there is so much more to come.

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