New Places to Shop in Vail

A new hospital would certainly put Vail on the map. Those were exactly my thoughts when I saw the Emergency Room sign on a building by the Walmart on Houghton Rd & Mary Ann Cleveland. Now about a year later we have Ross, TJ Max,  a Petco, and most importantly a Popeye’s Chicken.  There’s also construction on that same road to add a few more lanes & to facilitate the flow of tracking. Vail is a growing community and I enjoy seeing its growth. 

On Another Note

I am a local Realtor.  If you are curious about the market or you want to see what is available please click this link.  It will take you straight to my personal ReMax Results website and allow you to browse. When it ask you to fill out the form I am the only one that sees your information.  It does not go to a ReMax database.  I will be the only one contacting you.

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