Tay’s Brew House

Tay’s Brew House
Coffee Cup made of Tires

This cute little spot is a local Coffee Brew House in Vail, AZ.  It is nestled between Danzone & Ace Hardware.  When I had the opportunity to talk to the owner Mrs. Natasha she explained to me that her and her husband were so excited to take over the property.  They gutted it, remodeled it, and turned it into a local gem.  The coffee shop is really cute and you will more than likely run into someone you know from the local neighborhood there.  The quality of the brew is great.  It is certainly not watered down, the flavors are bold, rich, thick, and creamy.  They have come up with a fabulous menu and the product is competitively priced.  You definitely get what you are paying for.

On Another Note

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