Your Real Estate Agent’s Duties

I would hope that you have already decided who that will be if you are on this website.  The most important thing though is to ensure that there is trust between you and your agent.  Your agent is there to guide you through the home buying process.  The agent has specific duties towards their client.  These are called fiduciary duties.  They are:


This means that I as your real estate agent will account for all funds I have been entrusted with and ensure those funds make it to their proper destination.  This also means that I as your agent will not mix your monies with my personal funds or business funds.


This means that I as your real estate agent will keep your information confidential.  For example information you have disclosed to me such as motivation to buy or sell, financial situation, or things that might hinder you during negotiations will remain confidential. This duty extends past the end of the contract which means I have to take it to the grave with me.


This means that I as your real estate agent will make sure that you as my customers are well informed by giving you information that may help you at the negotiating table.


This means that I as your real estate agent I will put your interest above my own and above anything else.  You, as my customer are my priority and my commitment is to be loyal to you.


This means that I as your real estate agent have a duty to be obedient to you as long as that as my client you are not asking anything of me that is against the law or against proper protocol in the real estate industry.

Reasonable Skill & Care

This means that I as your real estate agent will use my skills to the best of my ability to guide you through the transaction whether you are buying or selling a home. I am not an expert in all matters but I will refer you to a subject matter expert if need be for example a lender, an inspector, a contractor, or an accountant.  If I do not know the answer I will ask someone who does.

Now that you know what an agent’s fiduciary duties are you will have a better idea of what you should be looking for in your real estate agent.  Other than these duties  I believe that you should have a connection with your agent and pick someone that you feel good spending time with.  The home buying process can be lengthy and you certainly will be spending a significant amount of time with your real estate agent. If you have any questions about an agent’s fiduciary duties or anything else pertaining to the home buying process please feel free to reach out to me.

On Another Note

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